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So find the fakest elation... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 May 2005|06:04pm]
I made a new livejournal. Well I had the name originally, but I decided to change it. I got some help with a cool new layout, considering I accidently deleted my hot brandon boyd one, and put up this silly carebears one! So, I practiced it out on my other journal that I never used before, and It came out good.. So i am too lazy to convert it to here. And whatever. I suppose I could use a new journal. The end of one thing the start of a new. I dont know. Hehe Im a dork but I thnk I like the new journal better! So comment and I will add you. And I am doing mostly friends only, so I dont have to watch what I write! (And that is not directed to anybody in particular, just a general statement) and the new name is...

_prophetic_fool (From my favorite RXB song)

So add me and I will add you :-D
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holy crap. [15 May 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | distressed ]

As I was driving everyone home from a fun filled movie night, pulling up to my house, parking on the street, a car starts to drive towards me, while I'm parking. It started moving slower untill the car was stopped parallel to me. A man sat inside a car. My heart dropped. I was scared shitless, being 12:45 and alone, about 25 feet from my house. The person in the car said something, like "Miss I want to talk to you", and I noticed the car was some shady looking cab and an older looking ish man. I locked the doors and said "sorry" and looked for my phone. I called my mom and after a few minutes the guy drove away. No joke, that was probably the scariest moment of my life. As the car pulled up I pictured a guy with a gun, or a bunch of guys in masks, or anything. I'm sure this guy probably just wanted directions or something, but you never know. I mean, honestly you hear things like that all the time; Girl kidnapped in front of house. Wow.

Anyway, tonight was fun times. I picked up Jess then Megan and their friend Jasmine. She was really cool and I knew her brother Steve. We went to blockbuster and rented Mean Girls and then went to TCBY, where megan works, and got icecream! We talked and had some good laughs then came home and watched Mean Girls and then Megan brought "The sweetest thing". I definetly had a nice fun relaxing calm night, up untill the incident described above.

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[13 May 2005|09:43pm]
This is so weird.

Your Birthdate: November 5

With a birthday on the 5th of the month you are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them.

You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas.

You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel.

You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable.

Your mind is quick, clever and analytical.

A restlessness in your nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine.

You may have a tendency to shirk responsibility

That's so true! And I looked up Victoria's birthday and hers was almost exactly true! And alot of the ones I've read are true! What a coincidence!
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[11 May 2005|11:30am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Just got home from AP Gov, which means, all important tests are over. Which means, school as we, seniors taking APs , know it, is over. I mean, sure we have a paper in Lit, and a test or two in forensics, but senioritis has fully taken over me, which though seemed virtually impossible due to my ever slacking ways, it is quite possible to dominate me for the remainder of the year. I vow to do even more minimal amounts of work now than I have already been doing. Although showing up to Math might be a good idea. But, AP Gov wasn't too bad. Multiple choice I think I did fairly well; I knew alot of the material. I know what you are thinking, "You took a whole course on it, you should know the material, idiot!" But, I'm not gonna lie, I could have been more prepared, therefore knowing alot of the answers made me feel cool. And the essays, I was so proud. The first three I banged out no problemo. Seriously, I double checked and made sure I hit all the required points with the valid information processed by my worn out attention span, and I feel confident, except the fourth. Honestly, I knew just about nothing when it came to Campaign Finance reform. It's not even that I didn't know, it's just that the answers didn't stand out to me. After the test Sabila and I talked about the answers, and I realized how stupid I was because I did actually have the information to write an answer I just couldn't think of it. Bleck oh well. And at the end of the test, I finished about a half hour early, and I swear I almost passed out. I left a forehead mark on my green paper of the test. Haha.

Enough about that. Keith stole my pocket book but then drove me and Sabila home and now here I am. I have work tonight and my mom keeps bothering me. I don't know what she is saying. Leave me alone! Gahh FREEEDOMMMM!!!

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[09 May 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm sick of being nice to people and never knowing what attitude I will receive in return. It's really annoying not knowing how some people are going react to you at any given time. I know I may sometimes not be in the mood to go out or something, but I never give anyone the reason to believe that I am mad or anything. I mean, honestly, lately it seems like the only people I ever really hang out with are Victoria, Jess and Tim. And also Sabila. Which isn't a bad thing. Lately Victoria and Jerry have been hanging out all the time which I think is truly awesome for her. (It's nice hanging out with her because I can tell she is happy, and I know we don't hang out as much as we used to, but last week I had alot of fun at her house then the movies; this weekend was just a little strange.) And obviously Jess and Tim are awesome, but they are going out so I like when they have their alone time. And Sabila and I always have a million things to talk about.

But I guess sometimes I start thinking about my close friends and wondering if the summer will be this way too. And then I read other journal entries about everyone else doing the same as me. So why don't we all hang out? I mean, if we are all in the same boat with a limited amount of close friends, then why must there be a problem in expanding our horizons and hanging out with the people we always say we will but never do? And then I feel like I've been singing this song all my life and nothing will ever change for me. And I mean maybe I should be grateful for the few close friends I have. But is it so much to ask to have a group of friends to know you can always count on? I feel like so many people I've gotten so close to this year and then drifted apart with the same intensity. It makes me sad, and you know you can never go back. It kind of brings me to the thought Sabila and I have been pondering lately. Time. It's all about time. It's what brings a person together. It can also be the factor that breaks down another. Time can make our decisions for us, time can limit us to what we can and cannot do. Time can make us feel one thing one day and then another way the next. If you think about all the people you've met, you can guarentee you just might react to them differently at different times in your life. So maybe I shouldn't be upset when people do it to me. I just can't help but take it personal. :-/

But enough of the lame emotional burst of an entry...

I cut math today! I'm such a rebel.

And I am listening to steel train. I need to get their CD. And they are playing at the Knitting Factory in two weeks. Anyone be interested in going with me? :)

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[08 May 2005|08:42pm]

Decent Weekend.
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one down, one to go [05 May 2005|12:31pm]
AP Lit exam was today. Honestly It wasn't too bad. Everyone seems to be pretty confident in their scores, It would be great to have most of us get threes and who knows maybe even fours. The multiple choice was alot easier than I expected, not that it was cake or anything. The first passage I had absolutely no idea what they were referring to untill after I read it like 5 times and read the questions, and I still didn't fully understand it. I omitted three out of that section. As for the rest of the multiple choice, I think I did fairly well. I did not omit any, and I understood them. The one about the poor people acting like aristocrats was so easy, I thought it was a joke. lmao. The essays too were pretty good. The first two poems I had a good grasp on it, the second birthday one I was pretty sure I hit all the key points and the open essay we really lucked out on. It was almost impossible to not think of anything; every book we read this year had to do with conformity, or almost all of them. Since I just finished 1984 which was a good book, It fit perfectly and worked well to my advantage because It was fresh on my mind. After the test we all talked about it and then Tim picked me up and drove Sabila home and now I'm here relieved that one is over. AP Gov is next week and I've been studying for it so that's cool. :) Okay that's all :-P
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Crazy. [29 Apr 2005|12:48am]
Fucking Orange Construction Cone. Who the hell woulda thought? Looks like the shitty taurus, now even shittier, is officially mine. Will explain later. Good night though, Thankyou Taurus.
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[25 Apr 2005|10:42pm]
So vacation. Pretty fun so far. Yesterday I worked and then Sabila and I went to Nick Mirables house and hung out with him and some gangster friends. A little bit different to what I'm used to but they were nice. We took a ride in his lexus and got nuggets at like 12. Fun. Then we left.

Today I sat around all day and then went to Jess Byllotts house. We had alot to catch up on. I love hanging out with her, and I miss her so we definetly are hanging out alot again. We went to friendlys and then best buy. We had alot of laughs and gossip and all that jazz.

Now I'm tired.
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[24 Apr 2005|09:06am]
Yesterday I went out with Victoria to "run some errands". We first went to the bank but it was closed, then we went to the mall. In the mall we looked for accessories for Victoria's prom dress. It was sort of hard because I hadn't seen her dress yet so I was just going by what she said; I wasn't much of a help. Plus it made me want to buy a dress soon so I can get my accessories, too! Then after that for a while... we went to Sole Mio by the movie theater to get some italian food! We sat at the restaurant, and it was AMAZING. I got PRIMAVERA=TONS OF VEGGIES. IT was awesome! Then we went back to Victoria's where she tried on her dress for me.. ITS SO PRETTY! She looked like a doll lol. And the shoes her mom bought her were a perfect match. Then her boyfriend came over, and I talked to her parents for a long time, then we all just hung out and whatever. Then we went to coldstone! Yum. It was really crowded.. and the people singing (the one in selden) were alot nicer and funnier than in stonybrook. Yeah then we just hung out for a while. Jerry is really nice; I never really talked to him before yesterday and we got along pretty well. HE GAVE ME THE FINGER! LoL so Yeah I'm happy for them :) Then I came home and Sabila called me and was at some party in STONY BROOK DORMS, but I was already home and tired. Then Keith and Sweet Joe called me.. and they wanted me to go out with them too but I was so tired. Def gotta hang out this break though :)
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[23 Apr 2005|12:09pm]
Rain Rain Rain. There's something beautiful about this weather. I only hate when it fucks up plans, which techinically it hasn't although I don't see this day or night turning into anything great, but we have all vacation. It would have been nice to go to the carnival, but there will be plenty more I am sure. Maybe the movies. Is there anything out worth seeing? I would see Sin City again, but probably only pay matinee price. Hmm. It would be fun just to have a little gathering at somebodies house this vacation. Maybe I will. Hmm. Oh man, I found the perfect prom dress online. I probably wont end up getting it, though. 1) It's online and I don't really know where to find it. 2) It's like over three hundred dollars, but my mom said she is buying my dress so that's up to her, and maybe if she only would spend like 150-200 then I'll pay another hundred or so, 3) I haven't gone looking yet so I don't really want to jump on the first or only one I see.. But this is definetly an idea of what I want :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[21 Apr 2005|05:09pm]
Yay I think this whole prom thing is working out. My mom said I can go Camping after prom, so that's cool. After I thought about the circumstances I realized I might have a chance at being allowed to do that. So hooray for that! I love camping, and I wouldn't want to have missed out on that with everyone. Now, I think I am more excited about prom. So, Victoria you don't have to be mad at me anymore :-P. I'll probably start looking for a dress in a couple weeks, because right now with the limo expense due tomorrow, I wont have money for a dress untill then. But that's okay because I wait last minute for stuff like that, I'll find the perfect dress no problem so I am not worried. Woohoo:)

Okay. Bye :D
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[19 Apr 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Gaven. His name is Gaven. I finally placed a name for this Red Sox Boy of mine...

He came in again today and we talked a little. He had fun at Fenway when Boston won 10 nothing. SO then he asked me "So whats your name?" and then I found out his. I am trying to remember but he told me how hes only at the hyundai place for 4 more weeks then hes lifeguarding again. So he said its a good school job and I said "oh where do you go?" and he said "Suffolk, you?" And then I told him im going to stonybrook next year so he was surprised I am still in highschool, he thought I was in college already. But we kept talking and all and he told me he would be coming back tomorrow. I am just a little upset.. he graduated from Smithtown in 02 which means hes 20 going on 21, and he seemed a little disappointed or maybe just surprised about me being a youngin high schooler (BUT NOT FOR LONG) I mean he continued to be friendly and all.. Im trying to remember if he asked my name before or after that. I dont know. I dont think its a big deal. But what if he does? What if hes like "nah fuck it". Damn. I just dont know but I am crazy about this kid. And his name is GAVEN. Gaven is an uncommon name. Gaven has been my favorite guys name for forever. oh sweet irony.

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[18 Apr 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I was seriously born in the wrong decade..

As I was sitting around my house, pretty bored, I had the sudden urge to listen to oldies music. I absolutely love oldies music. No matter the type, wether it's classic rock like Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones, 80's hair metal, 60's doo wop, early rock, Mo town Music.. I just love it. After the trip where our bus driver Jay Lowe had us listening to all types of oldies and then Mare's sweet sixteen where a bunch of good oldies were played, I got in the mood.

I absolutely love the show American Dreams (the one about a family in the 1960's, and one of the main characters, Meg Pryor, is my age, and I just love everything about the times. I really should have lived during the 60's.

I looked at my dad's CD collection of mixes he made when we first got the computer with a CD burner and CDs we have bought him for birthdays and christmas. He likes all that type of stuff. So I found about 15 awesome CD's jam packed with The temptations, The supremes, CCR, Eric Clapton, The doors, Jay Black and the Americans, The Mama's and papas, Simon and Garfunkle, The beatles, the beach boys, The Four seasons (whom I love love love and am listening to at the moment) and I just love it. It's such a change because the type of music is so wide ranged, especially the mixes. All of the songs are different. I love it. And everyone is so talented. The songs are so catchy. So light hearted. I really should have been around in the sixties lol.

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[16 Apr 2005|11:19pm]
So today I first went out to Seven Eleven with Tim, I drove and we listened to SUBLIME.. both of us were wearing our Boston hats! Hehe I am surprised we didn't get our arses kicked.. oh wait, the yankees lost again soo the fans shouldnt be hatin :-P AND the mets won their sixth in a row! Way to Go Mets!

Then later I went to the movies with allie and casey and we saw sin city. I liked it alot! I dont know if they did too much though, lol.

I just got home from Marianne's sweet sixteen! I had fun, I haven't been to a sweet sixteen in a really long time. Since like sophmore year? I dont know! I picked up Victoria and hung out with her, caitlin, emily, jay, charles, tim, and everyone else at the party! Mare looked gorgeous, her dress was amazing!! The candle ceremony was short and sweet and meaningful, The music was fun and alot of good oldies were played like Love Shack, and a bunch of others. I am so tired now though.. ima go to bed <3
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[15 Apr 2005|09:24pm]
Today was a pretty good day. Friday! In band we got a cool new piece and it's very latin and cool! Definetly fun. Mr Shaw was really funny today in AP lit, I dont know why. In Forensics, we watched a movie because Brennan was absent for the trip thing, so I sat and talked to Sharon. We had alot of laughs, talked about boys and our new interests, and all that jazz. Good times! Um, took a math test and got an 88, plus 10 bonus points for my skirt and all. Cool. Came home, slept a little then went to work. Work was boring. I am home now watching the mets. Then I will watch some red sox. Hehe. Alright that's it for my update :D
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[13 Apr 2005|08:29pm]
Dude. Yesterday hot red sox boy came in. We talked. I had my hair all nice and everything. Then, today he came back in, AGAIN! Two days in a row. We joked about it then he asked me if I work everyday or something, so I said "No only when you come in" and he said "Lucky me" and we just talked. He works at the Hyundai dealership right on middle country road! I still dont know his name :( But.. Nick Mirabile is convinced the kid is interested because he said "he kept looking over at you and looked like he wanted to talk to you and all anxious". Well if that is so, how sweet <3 I swear this kid gets more perfect everyday, I just wish I knew his name :( But there were too many people there today to even ask, and nick said he felt like if there werent so many ppl, the guy woulda asked me too.. So that's cool :) Ima dork!
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[13 Apr 2005|01:07pm]
I bet you will never guess who got a 97 on their pre calc quarterly..

Okay well I will tell you.. I DID! A NINETY SEVEN! woop woop. That makes me feel like a champ ;)

In other news, it's April, which means it's been pretty nice, still a little chilly but I can feel the warmth ahead. I'm really excited for this summer. I truly think I am going to have an awesome time. Not because I am expecting anything, but once AP tests are over and there is no more homework and college crap and all that to think about, and the warm weather comes around, I'll be in a better mood about everything. This summer I plan to be more outgoing than I am, call people, which I tend not to do very often, but this summer I am going to call people and take initiative instead of waiting for others to do it. I am going to try to organize things, a party or two, some beach days and splish splash and hopefully New Jersey. I really hope the road trip to NJ works out, because in all honestly that would be such a highlight to my summer, I can just imagine. I really hope we can get like 8 people to go, and stay for three nights or so. We would get to go to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, maybe the Safari and also the Jersey Shore which I have never been to but I hear it's similar to VA beach which rocked. But back to summer, I just cant wait for it. I really want to make this the best summer before everyone goes to college. I want to hang out with all different people, intermingle, make plans with the people we always say "Oh we should hang out sometime" but this time follow through with it. I want to go to the beach all the time and go to parties and stay out late and wear flip flops and get a nice tan and laugh my ass off and meet new guys and make new friends and take lots of pictures and make tons of memories. I am not sitting home and working this whole summer. No way.
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trippage. [11 Apr 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | weird ]

seriously, after one nice night of sleep in my own bed, and not having to go to school, it's possible for me to look back at the trip and actually say, Wow, I did end up having alot of fun. In between all the complaining, which there was ALOT of, and drama, which again there was even MORE of that, the dilemmas, the walking all day in the hot hot sun, waiting in airports forever, bumpy plane rides, etc.. it was still a great way to end everything.

Thursday the late flight sat and waited in the chorus room for the buses, talking about how much it's going to suck waiting in the airport for five hours. I sat with Victoria Amanda Monica Allie Wolff Brittany Lenz Desiree Cirillo Jill Derita and Casey McCoy; Twas fun. Bus ride over, we had to squeeze a few, so knoedl sat in the seat with me and victoria and hough sat in mon and amanda's seat. At the airport, we ended up having alot of fun. I first played some Texas Hold em and "Drug Dealer" with everyone which was really histerical. Then we played some Scattegories, Hang man, coloring, listening to music, all for five hours. Ate some pizza then got on the plane. I Sat with victoria and allie. The ride over was really bumpy and kind of nauseating, but we managed. We were all really tired upon arrival BUT we had to go over to the hotel, and then to the city walk.

The best part about the hotel was the ass pads. The first thing me victoria amanda and monica said in the room was "Wow these rooms suck.. theyre so small" .. little did we know we were like the only room with a microwave and fridge, which we didnt use for anything except monica's snapple. The city walk was pretty nice, we went to Margaritaville, but we were kind of rushed. Actually, EXTREMELY rushed. We took the coasters from there because they were [pretty and said margaritaville.. "Where is margaritaville? It's in THIS tequila" Then we went back to our hotel. Let me start off by saying there is nothing funnier than rooming with victoria amanda and monica. all three of us are so similar yet so different, and when you put monica and amanda together they are ridiculously funny.. Victoria forgot her deodorant for the first night so the ongoing joke became that victoria is dirty and smelly.. We just laughed our asses of for the majority of the night, a minor breakdown also happened that night but we worked it all out.. the first day in the park all we did was complain / most of the trip we complained like maniacs and i cant even think of any specific things that happened but we walked and walked. we got blisters and sun burn/tan.. it was me vic mon amanda allie des britt jill tom wolff casey and hough most of the time. we hung out with hough alot which was great because hough is awesome. We were at islands of adventure and we went on The hulk, spider man, dudley falls and got soaking wet, me and amanda went on dueling dragons, the blue one without everyone because we lost them, uhh what else? Oh we got frozen lemonades which sucked.. uhh, what else.. im not sure, then we went to the citywalk and met up with a bunch of other groups... jay verdisco sharon forte caitlin oreilly sam seda joanne hacket and a bunch of others.. we stood by the water and sang Sublime and that was alot of fun, we went to the Nascar REstaurant with mr knoedl because hough had to leave because some people are just so stupid they dont think about anything... then after the city walk... we went back to the hotel.. when all hell broke loose. looking back it wasnt that bad but at first definetly the most awkward moment of life. Good times though with Lauren Finn Brian Kelvas Keith Gordon Ryan Johnston and Mike Carley.. and marianne who i <3 and im still sorry lmao. im glad everything worked out okay though:) then I went to my room and slept right away.. The competition was at a school which lookin sort of like a prison but a hotel too.. we did really good, the best we could do... jazz rocked! uhh i ate lunch under a palm tree with jess gehoe and su yee and becky and matt wilson monica... i think those were the ppl and i got bit by a red ant.. that hurt alot... uhmm... our bus driver was awesome he put good music on so we all rocked out to 50s and 60s doo wop.. then we went to universal and went on the mummy and earth quake which basically sucked and i sat with brian lynch.. then we ate at the 50s restaurant which was awesome.. then the mardi gras parade where i fought for beads with ryan johnston and then it was over and we got lost. me and ryan hung out for the rest of the night and saw huey louis and "boinked" through everyone. I had so much fun hanging out with him and we both realized that we hadnt hung out in forever and there was no reason for it.. then we realized again we were late to the awards ceremony and went to the beatlejuice theatre and made it just in time. we all screamed our heads off and won every award.. even sportsmanship. We hugged alot every time we won.. it was great. everyone was just so united for that ceremony. congrats to joe primm tanae izumi and dan giaccomini because they won indidual awards because they rock. WE got home that night and the security guard was hot and Victoria answered the door in her pjs with no makeup on and her hair to the side in a clip, it was ridiculously funny,, "Are you ready?!" hahha i love victoria.. then the last day, yesterday.. we went to islands then universal.. went on some more rides.. got more blisters on our feet.. but still alot of fun.. then at the airport we played mad libs and laughed our asses off.. and then the planeride was nice and now it's all over.

I know i missed alot of stuff but that is the jist of it and it was really long.

Oh man we had so many retarded memories that I need to write only because I'll forget all of them which I don't want to ever because we had a great time...

--"It smells like poo" "and burnt hair"
--"I have a whole big heart and nobody to give it to"
--"I Lost the only thing I ever had... THANK YOU VEGETABLES"
--"It does smell good in here... oh that's because victoria isnt here"
--"Well, you havent showered since like wednesday... actually no it was thursday"
-- Cooch Cola
-- Fluorescent asians
-- "ha HA!"
-- gross frozen lemonades
-- boobs popping out every second
-- spider man breaking while we were on it
-- brittanys face on the mummy
-- "well we will cut through this here shop.."
-- Ass cushions.. breakfast in bed
-- playing in jurassic park playground
-- "At least I was happy when I was eating wendys!"

there were so many more I cant think. The trip rocked and I love everyone I hung out with ande veryone I didnt get to hang out with. seniors it's almost over, but im glad we had fun. :(

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[06 Apr 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | in between mad and happy ]

Dude.. always listen to your best friends. especially when they are usually right. From now on I wont question... If Victoria says it, it's probably the truth. It might take a long time to realize it but eventually, I always find myself saying "Holy shit, how the hell did she realize that?!"

It's not the first or the second time but definetly wont be the last either.. its awesome to have a best friend like her :)

Anyway, back to reality.. some people are just so fake. so phony. It's bad when you are the only person sticking up for somebody and then after all that time trying to back this person up, they go and do something and you finally realize what everybody else has been saying.

What a bitch?

Maybe you could say bitch but maybe she is just stupid. Maybe she is too ignorant, or self absorbed, to realize how her actions affect other people. I couldn't believe what happened today. It's not even an extremely big deal, I never care about these types of things. I am not the type of person to have to be the center of attention. I dont mind when other people have the spot light, I dont need people to be fawning after me and complimenting everything I am and everything I do.

So just one thing, next time you give me that phony attitude, "Oh erin you are so pretty, erin I love your clothes, Oh erin you sounded great", save it. Seriously, shove it up your ass and wait untill the next person actually comes along and is fooled by the act.

Sorry to all the people who told me all once before and I never believed them. Sorry Victoria, Amanda, Ashley, Matt, Lisa, Cait, Sharon, Sam, Becky, Megan, Jen, and just bout everybody in the drama dept. LoL.

Other than that, I am seriously in a decent mood. FLORIDA tomorrow. Woop.

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[04 Apr 2005|04:42pm]
[ mood | excited, a little sad, ]

Today was a pretty easy day. AP Gov, Ms Reilley was absent again, no shocker there. Does she ever come to school? Oh well, I am not complaining.. It wasn't even that hard for me to wake up this morning. So first period me, Victoria, Caitlin O'reilly and Sabila just talked about a bunch of stuff. Mostly just Victoria and Cait talking about Drama, the play, the people in it, and some funny stuff for sure :) Then second period, I don't even really remember second period! Oh man, lol what did we do that whole period? Seriously I am trying to think now... Ohh yeah, Me Victoria Tim Larson and occassionally Lisa and Jess and Becky, talked about the trip. I can't believe it's finally here! We talked about how we, the seniors, are all hoping to make it so much fun because it's our last year with everyone. It dawned on me how real it is that we are graduating really soon, and it took the end of the musical and now the trip to make me realize. I guess because these are the first events this year that actually matter to me. Although I may have not been a big part of the music dept all four years in high school, like I should have been, this past year and a half / two years hanging out with the wind ensemblers and chorus-ers, has been alot of fun. I've met alot of awesome people that I do regret not being as close with, but like we said we have this trip to make it memorable. It's making me a little meloncholy, but we still have the last concerts , the banquet, and hopefully the picnic where we might do a chorus vs band softball game? (Or so Tim L says) Should be fun. Well I guess that's all. Today I need to go tanning and pick up a few last minute things for florida.. black flip flops, some pajamas, some "toiletries" (haha, shampoo, soap, etc) probably a disposable camera, just in case my digital runs out of batteries like every second, which it will..) and what else? I made a list in Math. Oh I guess I will go look. Okay :) <3 yay

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[02 Apr 2005|11:19pm]
Wow. I officially love grease. The shows were amazing. I decided to go to both shows today, day and night, and they were great. I was really disappointed to find out that Amanda got really sick and couldn't perform during the day, which was the main reason I went during the day in the first place! But It's okay, Amanda still rocked my socks during the show on friday day. Feel better Amanda, <3 Anyway... todays shows were awesome. Monica was awesome as Marty... her solo was awesome I love that song. When I saw her mom we were talking about it and how she was so good at the part, then her mom said to me "Oh, great, that means my daughter is a cursing slut!" LoL it was very funny.. Shannon and Angela sounded awesome... and Emily is like my idol. she is so talented!!! Caitlin was great and energetic too even when we lost power for a bit. Alot of laughs. Honestly I love the drama dept/music dept people (because they are basically the same) Tonights performance really made me excited for the music trip. I love those people so much, they really hada great time out there, they were alot of fun, ahh i cant wait till the trip now... 5 days!!! <3
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[01 Apr 2005|12:51pm]
Today, though seemingly pointless, was awesome too. I had zero classes, all teachers were absent and such, and we saw the play during ap lit and I cut forensics to watch it as well...

anyway, the play was really good! i am so proud of everyone who performed today, and I am really glad I got to see it because tonight I cant go, but I am going to tomorrow night's (sats) performance... I got to see victoria as cha cha and hear her sing! Awesome job victoria, you were humping joe like whoa haha... Amanda you were also awesome as Rizzo, me and sabila were sitting there laughing so hard at that part when you were yelling at "Sandy" about the pregnancy, it was so you lmao. Monica was also great as Marty.. and Emily was just amazing. She was awesome as frenchy, right down to the voice!!! Shannon and Victoria's song "raining on prom night" or whatever sounded amazing! Joe primm sounded great too.. and kris radke was good as kinicky also! Wow I am so happy I saw everyone perform and tomorrow night I will get to see cait!!! and Angela too, and hear victoria sing again :) Woo well that;s all I really have to say, and maybe tonight at work (Bleck :(__) i will see the cute guy? haha <3

good job to everyone <3
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[29 Mar 2005|09:16pm]
Wow. I was getting ready for work today, with the intention on looking decent because the one day I decide to roll out of a nap without much makeup on and screwy hair the hot red sox boy comes in..

So today I got prettied up, hoping he would come in but not expecting it... and whaddaya know? I see him come in! Soo... we talked alot today actually! He had on a boston shirt and new hat, so of course we had more to talk about. Its funny that each time he comes in we talk about the red sox/baseball. but its all good! Oh man he told me how hes going to fenway for opening night against the yanks. God seriously this kid is awesome. <3<3<3<3 Too bad I dont know his name yet...

That's all I have to say :)
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[28 Mar 2005|11:02am]
[ mood | good ]

1. Tell me something obvious about yourself:
-I like to shop for clothes, not all the time, but when I do it's the best.

2. Tell me something about yourself that I don't know.
-I change alot. I don't know why but no matter what, I can change. I don't really like it though. :(

3. What is your biggest fear?
-Losing somebody close to me. Or never "Falling in love"

4. Do you normally take the safe route or the shortcut?
-Theoretically the short cut i suppose.

5. What is the one thing you want the most that you can't buy with money?
-love. that perfect moment "like a movie" falling in love.

6. What is your most treasured possession?
-I definetly don't have one. lol

7. What is the one thing you hate most about yourself that you do the most often?
-Avoiding situations.

8. Tell me something about you sexually that I don't know.
-You shouldn't know anything about me sexually, so with that said, I like males not females :-P

9. Tell me something about you sexually that everybody knows.
-Uhh well hopefully there isn't something about me that everybody knows, so :-P

10. What is your favorite lie to tell?
-I don't really tell lies. Unless it's to get me out of a situation.. (usually the one I am avoiding)

11. Name something you have done once that you can't wait to do again.
-Go to amusement parks with friends, :)

12. Are you the jealous type?
-Not too bad. I am not 100% not jealous, but I am not extremely jealous no

13. What is the 1 person, place or thing that you can never say no to?

14. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
-i dont know. nothing really i guess.

15. If you could do something crazy right now, what would it be?:
- I dont feel like doing anything crazy right now, because I can. I am home alone so who the hell cares.

16. When was the last time you cried?:
-I dont know. Recently I am sure, just because I get frustrated and cry sometiems hahaha.

17. When was the last time you felt so good that nothing else mattered?:
- Summer time?

18. Do you feel comfortable in public with no shirt on?:
-i dont think so no

19. Name something embarrassing you did while drunk.:
-I never really did anything out of the... okay yeah I did. The shed thing at Amandas house. I dont know I don't remember it, but I ran out into her shed at like 2 or 3 AM. hahhaha.

20. What would you do for a Klondike bar?:
-They are pretty good, I like the dark chocolate ones. So for a dark chocolate klondike bar I would... sing spice girls with my hair in pig tails.. Wait no, I didn't even get a klondike bar for that! :(

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[25 Mar 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

all i have to say is the cute boy with the red sox hat came to the pizza place again, so I served him two slices to go :D And... as he was walking out, I noticed his shirt. I couldnt tell if it was an Irish shirt, or a Flogging Molly shirt, but either way, we have two things in common already. Oh man, I swear I am in LOVE<3

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[23 Mar 2005|03:52pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I'm really tired. I think I'm overtired. I went in to school late today, third period because first period in AP Gov there was a party and second period I had free. This day was pretty easy, pretty boring. AP lit Shaw is being really weird.. in a bad mood. I guess he's upset with our class. I'm a retard. Forensics we took the Q/A, and I got a freaking 79 :( Why can't I get any higher than a 79 in that class anymore? The last 3 tests/quizzes have been a 79.. I got an 88 on one test. But I did my HWs and all.. and I had a few other 80's and such, I hope I'll still pull out with a B+ or B at least :-/ Lunch was normal. Hung out with Lisa Jessiekins and Megan Moy. "HI MEGAN MOY!!!" (haha that's funny.) And then in Math we watched October Sky. I like that movie, Jake Gyllenhall is in it, when hes like, 19. Hot. I'm so happy now that school is over till Tuesday. Much needed Vacation. Hahah. Wow this is retarded. Ok. Bye.

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relaxing [20 Mar 2005|12:52pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

After a very relaxing weekend, I feel maybe I will update.

But I honestly did nothing. And It felt good. I've been getting really bad headaches at night, so it's better that I've been staying home and watching movies with my mom.

Plus I need to save some money for Florida. I honestly have barely any money at all, so I hope I can save something for the trip, which, is in less than three weeks. I need some clothes.

I watched Legally Blonde with my mom on Friday night, and last night I watched Vanity Fair. I really liked Vanity Fair; that time period, and she reminded me a little of Jane Eyre, except she was "beautiful". But the whole theme was similar. The guys in the movie were adorable too. <3

Three days this week in school, then Easter Vacation for a few days, then a full week and4 days + trip. So It should go pretty fast. Then after the trip, its mid April and soon after Spring Break, then May comes AP tests, and after that, Well end of May and June will be a breeze, and then graduation. Cool. :)

I was thinking about songs,and albums and how they bring us back to the past. It's funny how a song can make you remember exactly how you felt at a particular time. A song can remind you of somebody, or a situation, or a place. That is why I love music. And I was thinking I'm going to name 10 songs and what time in my life they remind me of :D

1) Reel Big Fish- the entire "why do they rock so hard" album, with "Somebody hates me" and "She's famous now": This song, or group of songs, really takes me back to an amazing time in my life, and I didn't even know it while I was living it. It takes me back to mid to end of august, as the summer was closing. I will never forget being in my brother Tim's shitty car, driving around blasting RBF, while picking up Charles and Kris Radke, then Jessiekins and a random friend... going to Olga Wilke, Playing capture the flag. I just felt so good back then. We were having so much fun, I was meeting so many new people. Going to Quiznos, everything was just so new to me, all of the poeple were just great people to surround myself with. Everyone was happy. It reminds me of Victoria and Me hanging out with Jay and Jesse, goign to dunkin donuts, all of the fun things that seemed so simple at the time. I will never forget the way I felt back then...

the rest of Erin's incoherent ramblings and top 10 listCollapse )

So if u are still reading this now, I applaud you. Im sure youve felt similar about different songs. How certain times you feel so great and others you feel so not. I honestly will never forget the way I felt last summer, as Charlie from "perks" put it, I felt infinite. We felt infinite. And we didnt even know it at the time. And I think That is what the best part about memories are. Good memories, you will never know it at the time how great they are, which Is what makes it so special when you feel down. So I cant wait to make this summer as unforgettable as the past one.. Memories I will always remember and reflect on:)


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[18 Mar 2005|10:47am]
[ mood | relieved ]

After the most anticipated topic has been talked about and talked about, over and over again in circles, I have finally come up with a conclusion. Yes, that's right, after countless entries, ranting and raving about the college search, weighing out the pros and the cons to every single aspect of my future college carreer, I've made a decision. And It's no surprise that some sort of a bazaar circumstance would make my decision. It's no surprise that my final turn out would play out like this.

I came home, of course scurrying to my mailbox, hoping to find my last letter of acceptance, to Pace University, or my Financial Aid reports and Scholarship Awards. I grab the mail, dropped a few letters on the floor, along with the Pennysaver and some bills, even the stupid absence list from good old Centereach High School, where "big brother " tells my parents every single absence I've been recorded to have, which, by the way, add today to my list; just didn't feel like going, and besides I was planning to miss next Wednesday for Manhattan College Accepted Students Day, but there will be no need for that.

Anyway, In the mail, I find a letter from Manhattan College and an invitation from Pace University. I found it funny that Pace would send me an Invitation to their "Accepted Student Day" without sending me an acceptance letter. I suppose it got lost in the mail somehow. But that does confirm that I have indeed been accepted to each of the 6 colleges in which I applied. Afterwards, I opened the letter from Manhattan College post marked for March 15. Of course it's a letter informing me that my FAFSA is "incomplete or incorrect" and I should call their Financial Aid Admissions office to fix it and be awarded Aid. My mother called, because we both knew of the circumstances in which my FAFSA had been screwed up, first by way of "pin number" which I had never received from them, then by the second paper FAFSA sent in, then filling out another one, so we knew the FAFSA situation all too well. Basically the woman at Manhattan College blew off my mom telling her that it was too late for us; their deadline was March 1st. We didn't care anyway anymore; besides obviously the woman was just too lazy to help us, or else the Dean of Admissions would have never sent us that letter on March 15 telling us to call and fix the situation.

I've been thinking about it. Am I really ready to go away to college? Of course the idea of living in the city, having freedom, dorming, all of that, seems so exciting, so glamorous. But after the excitement wears off and the glamour fades, the reality kicks in. Can I really be away from my family? Am i really going to be able to live on my own? I don't even do my own laundry! Do I really want to deal with drunken kids at 3 in the morning, dirty dorm rooms and showering with flip flops on in a communal shower? Well since I am so indecisive about this, and about everything else important in my life, my decision was made for me, almost.

Stony Brook.

Yeah. I liked Stony Brook, honestly. It was nice, it's big, and there are a TON of people there. Tons of clubs, organizations, activities. Stuff to do. And I will get a car, and now I can possibly go to Ireland with my family.

It's funny that the decision would be made, as Sabila put it, "just like that". I was so 'gung ho' for going away. I was all excited and everything. But there are as many downsides to being away, as there are many upsides to being home. I'm sure I will like Stony Brook, and If not, I will make the best of it. I hope everyone else starts to figure out where they are going too, relieve us of the stress!! I feel really good, and I do not feel like I am making a mistake. In the big picture, on a grand scale, I am not surprised that I will be going to Stony brook as I had originally planned...


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oh man [16 Mar 2005|10:20pm]
I just got home from work. I saw the cutest most perfect guy. He was tall with brown hair and side burns, he had on one of those tight fitting band t-shirts, converse sneakers, and a red sox hat. He was probably 19 or 20. So I decided Id talk to him about baseball. We talked about the red sox and how he almost got beat up by a yankee fan. Oh man, I hope he comes back to the pizza place; i've never seen him before...

So my mom tells me that my uncle (her brother) is definetly planning to go to ireland in october and he wants us to go. My mom is really excited and wants to go. My uncle has been talking to our family over there in county Tipperary... I just looked all the information up, it looks amazing. So, If I stay home for college and go to Stony Brook, Ill get to go to Ireland. And I will get a new car. So that, of course, makes the college decision oh so much harder. Go away, and get the freedom of being away, hopefully living in NYC, meeting people, having the world at my fingertips (haha) all the fun things to do in the city, all the opportunity, or I can go to stony brook, still have strict rules at home but be close to my family, get a nice new car, and go to ireland. Bleck I dont know. But I would love love love to go to ireland. And stony brook Isnt too bad. I actually sort of liked it. I visit manhattan college next wed and pace next thurs, maybe albany in april. who the helll knows
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